Pure Healthy But Delicious First Birthday Cakes For Your Child

Sugar-free, oil-free, gluten-free, Fruit-filled, Paleo- whatever your definition of a healthy cake fit for a first birthday of your sweet child, here are some delectable treats. Now, it’s time to check these first birthday cakes that are really smashing and spongy.

Healthy-Cinnamon Spiced Smashed Cake:

In this cake the healthy cinnamon applesauce is the magic ingredient that adds sweet spice to both the cake and frosting. The combination of applesauce and vanilla make the added sugar an unwanted element. This delicious cake is made with the whole wheat flour and egg whites and cream cheese is used for making the base for the frosting.

Banana Smashed Cake With The Blueberry Frosting:

Completely free of butter and refined sugar, this decadent cake is made from the whole wheat four and the sweetness is achieved from the banana, maple syrup and apple sauce. This cake comes with a lovely lavender color and now you might be wondering to know how this color is achieved. Well, the frozen blueberries and heavy amount of whipped cream is the reason behind this unique color of this cake.

Sugar Free Carrot And Date Cake:

This is another cake which is made using no refined sugar. The great sweetness of this particular cake is achieved from dates, raisins and shredded coconuts. It’s a perfect example of carroty concoction. It’s a 6 inch round cake and you can make some delicious cup cakes from the enough leftover of this cake.

Super Healthy Fruit Cake:

Your baby will simply drool over this super healthy and colorful fruit cake. This cake comes with all the fresh seasonal fruits and the best part of ordering this cake is that it comes without refined sugar. The fruits used in this cake create the sweetness.

Apple Spice Cake With Maple:

Loaded with 2 cups of chopped apples, this cake comes with no processed sugar and perfectly sweetened with the maple syrup and brown rice syrup. The ombre sugar free frosting is the special element of this cake. Feeling eager to know how this is created? Well, you can simply color your cream cheese frosting with varying amount of beets and strawberry puree.

Finally, one thing that you must remember that under aged babies should not consume honey, so if you find a cake where honey is used, you should not serve it to your child.

Finally, the countdown of your kid’s first birthday has come to end and it’s time to add a galore of happiness to this occasion by purchasing the most delicious first birthday cake for your kid.

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