Training to Become a Foster Care Parent

Becoming a foster care parent can be one of the most rewarding feelings. You are able to help children in need and give them the family structure that is needed to be successful in life. If you aren’t able to have children this might be the way that you can feel the connection as you see young children grow. 

There are many benefits to becoming a foster care parent. You are able to provide a structured family setting for children temporary or long term, You are able to open your home to children in need and you are able to help the children succeed as they are away from their home. On a given day there are 400,000 children in the system that have no where to go. Being a foster care parent can help with making sure that a portion of these children has a stable place to live. 

When it comes to the foster care training process independence oh, there are steps that you have to take in order to obtain a foster care license. You will have to complete orientation where you are instructed on the process. You will be able to get answers to questions that you might have. Then you will have to complete a fire inspection, physical exam for all family members and a background check for everyone over the age of 18. You also have to have proof of stable transportation. 

Before becoming a foster parent, you will have to do a mandatory 36 hour long training. After obtaining the license you will have to do between 40-60 hours of training every two years. Your License will have to be re certified every two years. You can complete 1/3 of the training through online, book and video training. All of the training is held at different times of the year so finding the right time to attend these trainings are important in order to keep your license. Many of them are available year around, but the main training course is available 5 times a year. If you are married the training is mandatory for both parents, although it does not have to be completed at the same time. This makes it easier for parents that have to work and will not be available at the same time. 

A good thing about being a foster care parent is that you do not have to be married. You have to have a clean criminal history being that you will be taking care of children and everyone in your home that is over the age of 18 has to have a clean criminal history as well. Making sure that you have all these items checked off before you go to apply will make the process easier and you will have less to worry about. You do not want to be turned away by not passing a home inspection or not having proper transportation. Foster care children should have a stable and loving home due to the scary process of being taken from their home.

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